The Lone Cactus Candle Company Family believes in serving our community and we do that in a variety of ways including donating 20% of our monthly profits to well-deserving non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the world. Read more about this month's non-profit group and share your thoughts about future groups that we can consider supporting.
Charity of the Month
Future Charities
We are excited to support other important charities with their work and look forward to hearing your suggestions. Please feel free to send suggestions to:
Keck Street Medicine Program serves the nearly 58,000 neighbors experiencing homelessness throughout the communities of Los Angeles County. With the largest population of unsheltered homeless in the world, Los Angeles County's communities have significant challenges obtaining primary care services in a manner that supports their unique situation. Do I attend an appointment with my medical provider in one part of the city while skipping yet another meal on Skid Row where much of the infrastructure exists? At Lone Cactus Candle Company, we believe that every human deserves a chance to stay healthy and the location of their home should not determine whether their health condition is cared for or not. It is our privilege to support this program.